Coronado Series Vinyl Windows

Anlin's Coronado series includes operating styles that need additional window depth, while looking "right at home" when paired with windows from Anlin's Del Mar, Catalina, and Panoramic series.

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About Coronado Windows

For homeowners who like a pass-through window in the kitchen that can open from either the left or right side, or other window operating styles that require a deeper 3.25" window frame, Coronado windows offer a design that blends masterfully with Del Mar, Catalina, and Panoramic Window series.

Anlin's Energy Saving Windows Lead the Industry

Coronado windows are available in two proprietary high performance glass systems that exceed Energy Star requirements and help you save on energy costs year-round.

The Infinit-e Plus insulated glass system can be Argon gas filled for a better thermal barrier, has a triple-layer silver metal coating to keep heat outside in summer and inside in winter, a technologically advanced spacer, and a special coating on the outside of the glass to make it easy to clean and stay clean.

The QuadraTherm insulated glass system is Anlin's newest technology, equipped with a multi-layer solar reflective coating that provides the ultimate defense against solar heat gain on hot, sunny days, Argon gas that provides a superior thermal barrier and a multi-layer heat retention coating that helps keep warmth from escaping your home on cold days and nights. QuadraTherm is so efficient it outperforms some triple-panes, but without the disadvantages of triple-panes.

Learn More about Infinit-e Plus and QuadraTherm

Be sure to compare NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) thermal performance numbers to see for yourself the energy saving potential of putting Coronado windows by Anlin in your home.

Coronado Windows with Even Sight Lines Add Harmony to Your Home

Coronado windows bring a balanced, symmetrical look to your home for enhanced curb appeal. The viewing area in both the fixed glass panel and the sliding glass panel are the same size. And if you like grids in your windows, all the grid squares will have the same size and shape. You can see the benefits of windows with even sight lines by comparing these images. The window on the left has even sight lines, the window on the right does not.

Pictured: Even Sight Lines

Even Sight Lines

Pictured: Uneven Sight Lines

Uneven Sight Lines

Security is Essential

Coronado windows were designed with security as a top priority. A Pull-Tight Cam Lock and continuous interlocking rail prevent “jimmying” the lock from the outside. Optional True Action Locks will lock automatically when the sash is closed. And all locks on Coronado sliding and double hung windows are securely attached to metal reinforcement hidden inside the vinyl.

In addition, the lock systems used in Coronado windows passed the most stringent California Forced Entry tests. And Anlin has earned all three certifications of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Gold Label.

Pictured: Metal Reinforcement within window frame

The Details Make All the Difference

Thicker vinyl and more inner chambers help reduce the flow of heat and cold through the frame - coming inside in the summer and escaping outside in the winter.

High quality rollers and a constant-force stainless steel balance system make sliders and double hung windows exceptionally easy to operate.

Corners are precision made and finished by hand for an especially smooth finish

A Superior Warranty

The superior design, materials and craftsmanship of Coronado windows allow Anlin to offer the most inclusive lifetime warranty in the industry. Should your windows ever require warranty repairs, Anlin will make them, free of charge, for as long as you live in the home. And this lifetime commitment extends to some items limited or not covered by other manufacturers, such as screens, exterior vinyl coatings and even freight costs and labor. Anlin’s lifetime warranty coverage is also transferable to one subsequent homeowner should you sell your home. That’s two lifetimes of truly worry-free windows.

These are all covered:

  • Parts
  • Vinyl
  • Insulated Glass Unit
  • All Hardware (Such as locks and latches)
  • Accidental Glass Breakage
  • Exterior Vinyl Coatings
  • Screens
  • Labor
  • Freight
Anlin's Double Lifetime Warranty

Easy to Open and Close

Coronado windows are built with special features and materials to make them easy to operate. Long, curved pull rails are easy to hold and easy on your hands. Horizontal sliders glide smoothly left or right on four Celcon rollers with stainless steel axels. And vertical sliders lift up and down with Anlin’s constant-force stainless steel balance system doing much of the lifting for you.

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