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Double slider windows have two side by side glass panels that both slide horizontally. Anlin slider windows feature rollers made with stainless steel axels and Delron wheels for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.

Our double slider windows are available in the Coronado series which has a 3-1/4" frame depth for maximum energy efficiency, and maximum features. The Coronado, Del Mar, and Catalina series are designed so that your windows have an “even sight line”. This means that the top and bottom edges of the glass will form a straight line along the full width of your window whether it is open or closed.

As you consider your decision about which windows will work best for your home, we suggest that you compare the features listed below. Of course your Anlin dealer representative will be happy to show you a window sample and answer any questions.

Double Slider Windows are available in the Coronado series.


  • 3-1/4" frame depth.
  • Even sight line
  • Maximum window features and window types

Standard Features

Image of Standard Features; Platinum Elite™ Spacer, Secured weather-tight locking system, Matching beveled frame and sash, Ventilation latch.
  • Fusion welded corners (.080 wall thickness) with multiple hollow chambers for watertight strength and energy efficiency.
  • Double strength glass standard, 3/4" overall I.G. unit thickness for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Ventilation latches.
  • Platinum Elite™ triple chambered silicone foam spacer provides lower U-factors, sound transmission, and condensation.
  • Window locks with Cam lock design and continuous interlocking metal reinforced meeting rails provide tamper-proof security and weather-tight performance. (Passes “California Forced Entry” CFE resistance test.)
  • Fully pocketed sill with dual weather-strips for a tight seal.
  • Dual durometer glazing bead for a water tight seal.
  • Dual wall glazing leg reduces condensation.
  • Exterior glazed for added security because the insulated glass-to-frame seal can only be cut from inside the home.
  • Contoured integral pull rail for clean, smooth lines and easy operation. (Not a snap-on piece.)
  • Beveled frame for a pleasing appearance.

Frame Colors

Image of White Frame Color.
White Vinyl
(white exterior/
white interior)
Image of Tan Frame Color.
Tan Vinyl
(tan exterior/
tan interior)

Grid Styles

Image of 5/8" Flat Grid Style.
5/8" Flat
Image of 5/8" Sculptured Grid Style.
5/8" Sculptured
Image of 1" Sculptured Grid Style.
1" Sculptured

Grid Patterns

Image of Colonial Grid Pattern.
Image of Queen Anne Grid Pattern.
Queen Anne
Image of Perimeter Grid Pattern.

Glass Options

Glass Patterns - In addition to the clear, Low-E glass (standard), all windows can be ordered with any of the following glass patterns:

Image of P516 Standard Obscure Glass Pattern
Standard Obscure
Image of Glue Chip Glass Pattern
Glue Chip
Image of Rain Glass Pattern
Image of Delta Frost Glass Pattern
Delta Frost
Image of Reed Glass Pattern
Image of Flemish Glass Pattern

V-Groove Patterns

V-Groove glass has a pattern that is precision engraved on the side of the glass that faces the insulating air space. This provides an elegant, decorative effect while leaving your windows smooth and easy to clean. V-Groove glass is available in the following styles:

Image of Frosted V-Groove Pattern
Image of Full Polished V-Groove Pattern
Full Polished
Image of Center-Polished V-Groove Pattern
Center Polished

Insulated Glass Unit - All Anlin windows are built using the exclusive Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System. As an option, the airtight space between the glass panes can be filled with argon gas for increased energy efficiency.

Sound Pack - In addition to saving energy, the standard Anlin Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System greatly reduces the transmission of noise from outside your home to the inside. The Sound Pack option increases the STC Rating even further to make your home even quieter.

Safety / Tempered Glass - All Anlin windows can be ordered with optional tempered glass, which if broken, disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces, thereby helping prevent a possible injury.

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